He used to call me DN,that stood for deadly nightshade
That’s a song about the fact that we’re broken up, and we’re done forever, and at that point he’s glad. But at the end of the song, Lindsey comes around a little, and he’s looking through the eyes of someone who’s thinking just maybe somewhere down the line we’ll be together again. He was being hopeful & not slamming doors in that song. He always plays it live & I’m glad he does. To me, ‘Never Going Back Again’ is Lindsey’s ‘Landslide.’

Stevie Nicks on Never Going Back Again.

Lindsey’s Landslide….

Halfway there

by Francesco Greco


Stevie Nicks in a small bar in 1972. You can hear chatter and a pool game in the background. “See The World Go By” 1972 (by Opalstardream)